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Who You Are Chapter 1

Chapter 1
In the beginning

Hi there my name is Anyanka De'Bourjarae most people call me Anya, I am here to tell you the story of my rollercoaster life.

Remember who you are no matter where you come from what sort of life you have had growing up you always have a choice never let anybody take that away from you.

I grew up in Riverview with my mom and various *step dad's* my mom used to be one of the best pin up models out there, but I think everything got a bit to much and she had to try a bit of everything she was offered. From men, to alcohol, drugs and Gambling. She completely destroyed her reputation and her life. We now lived in a small trailer park in Suntset Valley mom loved her booze and bingo nights I must admit she was quite lucky when it came to bingo she would win, but rather than pay the bills she'd pick up what ever man took her fancy that month move him in for several months and drink her liver away.

 I'll start back at when I was 17 yrs old people always thought I was older which was great coz I could go clubbing, I was still in 6th form when everything went wrong.

One morning I woke up and went to the bathroom to get ready for school, half asleep and squinty eyed I stared at my reflection in the mirror.

" Anyanka someone has to start taking responsibility around here and the loafe on the sofa ain't gonna do it, and neither is that goof ball of a man laid in her bed" I said to myself.

I huffed a sigh and started to run the taps to have a wash, as I bent over the sink I closed my eye's to throw water over my face I suddenly felt a hand running up my thigh and slap my ass, i reached for the towel and dampened down my face, and there he was Johnny mums newest 23 yr old boy toy.

"JOHNNY! what the hell? I screeched.

"Whoa whoa little kitten, i thought it was an invite" He winked gloating.

"MOM.....Johnny's touching me AGAIN"

"How can i be touching you when I’m making your mom a cuppa?"  he suddenly bellowed from the kitchen.

"Don't flatter yourself hunny, i give him more than enough than to make him want a tramp'et like you" she replied between chews and pops of her gum.

I gathered my clothes up and quickly got dressed for school, i ran out the trailer trying not to cry, I went to my neighbours Evon.

Evon Perrywinkle, my best friend, her mom was like a second mom to me i often slept over there when mom had one of her moments.

I ran into Evon's trailer trying to not ball my eyes out, (i didn't need to knock i practically lived there).

They were sat round the table eating breakfast, i checked my face in the mirror and as casually as i could i walked in.

"Hey, morning" i said with a fake smile.

Morning they chorused back at me.

Evon looked me up and down

"Hey you ok Chica? Your eyes are all red" Evon said.

"I'll be fine" i shrugged.

"Come have some breakfast with us Anya, you've another 15 minutes before leaving for school , it's waffles your favourite"

Lydia, Evon's mom motioned for me to sit down.

I slumped down in a seat but i couldn't eat, not after Johnny having had his mitts on me again.

"I’m not hungry but thanks anyway".

Lydia gave me a sympathetic smile.

Outside school Evon said, "It's happened again hasn't it, with Johnny I mean?"

I turned my head to look away as my eyes glazed up with tears,

"Anya look at me, you gotta tell your mom, she'll get rid on him."

"She already know's Evon, she doesn't believe me," i wiped a tear away as it was starting to fall.

"Are you serious, that's just....Look Anyanka you have to do something, tell somebody"

"My own mother doesn't even believe me, what makes you think anyone else will? Anyway he's gonna be gone soon, he's been here nearly 4 months that's a record for mom."

"But what if he isn't, what if...well know if he..."

"I don't think he would, I’d have evidence then right? I don't think he's that stupid. he'll be gone soon I’m sure of it, look i gotta get to calculus, I’ll see you at lunch ok"

After school i had a walk around town trying to drag out time so i could just go home and sleep, i saw a sign at the local Bistro requiring part time work, i went in to enquire.

"Hi there, saw your sign out front for staff required."

"Greeting, greetings my little flower, yes yes we 'ave work 'ere. you want eh?"

"Well, i am looking for work, what are the hours and what would i be required to do?"

"At zee moment we are looking for someone to cover 2 eveningz a week, and saturdayz, you be cleaning zee floors clear tablez wee?"

"wee, oh um i mean ok, i have music class til 4 on wednesdayz, and art on Tuesdays, can i fit round that?

"Wee, you can do 5pm to 8pm wednesdayz & Thursdayz, zen 9am to 5pm saturdayz?"

"Yeah that would be great, I’ll see you Wednesday then, Oh my name is Anyaka, Anyanka De'Bourjarae "

"Bye Bye Anyanka Flower"

Well that was easy, he seems nice, its flexible too. Some good news for mom aswell, now there will be my income coming in she can stop telling me I’m going to get a fat ass sitting about all day and it keeps Johnny away, she might even kick him out now I have work.

Then i return home, everything seems quite for a change, and strangely enough i don't like it.

"Mom I’m home, i have good news, Mom?"

"She ain't here Kitten, she said she'd be back in a few days she had some phone call about a Biography" he winked at me.

"Oh right"

He looked me up and down like he could see through my clothes and he slid his tongue slowly over his lips in some perverse gesture.

"What's the good news kitten?"

"My NAME is ANYANKA, and it's not any news for you"

"Why don't you come sit here on the couch with me and watch some TV?"

Omg, i can't stay here alone with him, "Um well i need to get my stuff together, I’m um sleeping at Evon's tonight"

"Really, your mom know about that?"

"Erm yeah ahuh, she's cool with me sleeping over there"

"Funny that, coz she told me to look out for you, said you'd make my tea"

"Oh right, well um, i can fix you a salad real quick then i should be going"

Just then i heard a click.

"Well ye ain't going no where, your mom told me to look out for you, so your staying here. He dangled my keys at me.

OMG I’m locked in here with this perverted pig, my heart started to race, i had a lump in my throat.

"I think I’m gonna be sick" I ran to the bathroom pushed open the window for air and vomited into the toilet.

"Aww kitten, are you poorly? Daddy will look after you" He said as he stood in the bathroom doorway.

I got to my feet, "Look Johnny, your not my daddy, my daddy would cut you knackers off if he knew what tricks you keep trying to pull with me and i can take care of myself" I snipped at him

I forgot how quick he was to anger and i was home alone with him, locked in.

"Look here Kitten" he said with his teeth clenched, "I'm the best thing you've got to a dad, I’m here now so i suggest you start respecting me and do as your told".

With that he grabbed me by my hair dragged me down the hall and threw me onto my moms bed, he started to remove his belt.

I didn't know if i was gonna pee my pant's or throw up, what was he gonna do!!

"TURN OVER" he shouted at me.

"What?" I blubbered at him.

He grabbed me by my arm and threw me onto my front, he pulled his belt back like he was gonna hit me with it.

I pulled my leg up and tried to kick him in between the legs, but i slightly missed and only caught him, he grabbed my leg pushing it down and pulled me up by my arms,

"Like to play rough do we kitten" he said laughing in my face.

"GET OFF ME, GET THE FUCK OFF ME" I screamed so loud.

i heard dogs barking, then i recalled I’d left the bathroom window open, Johnny held the back of my head pushing my face towards his like he was gonna kiss me, i nutted him, right in-between his eyes.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH" he shrieked.

Then there was a very loud hammering on the door.

"ANYANKA, ANYANKA, open the door, what's going on, are you ok ANYANKA?" Evon screamed through the door.

Johnny threw me down onto the bed, "keep your mouth shut" he said with gritted teeth.

He opened the door.

"Oh hey there, Mr Perrywinkle, and umm Evon is it?"

"Where's Anya?"  Evon Spat.

"Anya, um i dunno, her bedroom i think, said something about studying" Johnny said with a slimy smile.

"Can we see her please?" Mr Perrywinkle asked.

"Sure I’ll go get her."

Johnny came into the bedroom, "Shut up, or I’ll do worse to you than give you my belt" he whispered.

"Oh I’m sorry Mr Perrywinkle she's fast asleep, I’ll let her know you came over, is everything ok?"

Evon and Mr Perrywinkle looked at one another.

"Can i go in and see her, please i really need to speak with her" Evon pleaded.

"I've already told you she's asleep so it will have to wait til morning. Good night."

I heard the door shut and lock. I gulped, i cried and cried so much so i got a headache, but instead of him coming back into the bedroom i could hear him shuffling around the trailer.

"Dad, what was that? Can we speak to her please, you weren’t forceful enough, god knows what he might be doing to her in there." Evon spat.

"What do you mean Evon, do you know more to this outburst?" Mr Perrywinkle replied.

" but you heard what was coming out of there she wasn't asleep at all, he lied.” Evon quickly replied, remembering her promise to Anya, no matter what tell no-one.

"Right, it's very quite now and well she'll be round in the morning we can speak to her then ok, we'll see if she's ok." her father replied.

Whilst still laid on the bed not daring to move, i kept hearing the front door open and close, what was he doing now? i heard footsteps coming towards the bedroom i closed my eyes.

 "Stand up" Johnny snapped.

I got to my feet.

"Drink this" he shoved a drink in my face.

"What is it" i asked teary

"What did i say about doing as your told?" He glared at me.

I drank the drink down as quick as i could it tasted very weird my tongue went numb, then i started feeling really weak, limp and everything was going blurry, i passed out.

Chapter 2 Coming soon.

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  1. Wow but that Johnny is a real slimeball! Awesome story! I love it!!

  2. Chapter 2, The Awakening:

    Thankyou Louise i hope you enjoy Chapter 2. :o)

  3. Finally got around to reading this! Wow, I don't like Johnny! Poor Anya! I hope she'll be okay. :( Really liking this story so far, looking forward to chapter 2!